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Rust: Chapter Twenty-Three

“You were in the Army, weren’t you?”, the old lady smiled, pouring a cup of tea. Pike accepted it gratefully and inhaled. He had never

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Rust: Chapter Twenty-Two

“Stover, tell me,” he said. “You do your job, right? I don’t mean to accuse; just asking. It’s a legit strategy.”

“Yeah? So?” the cop said, squinting.

“So. You ever run into a situation where someone didn’t want your job to get done? Maybe someone important?”

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Rust: Chapter Twenty-One

“Hey! What’s this?” “Oh, hi!” May smiled, looking up from the row of samples on the table. “You’re up late.” Mariah shrugged. “Too hot to

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Rust: Chapter Twenty

Burke whistled his approval, looking around the opulent office. The constant struggle to survive might have ended once one found their way Inside, but this

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Rust: Chapter Nineteen

Annie grumbled as she hastily painted over a large AD symbol on the side of the building. It had been popping up everywhere since that

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Rust: Chapter Eighteen

He dragged on the cigarette, eyes closed. It was proper, uncut tobacco and it hit like that rush of ozone just before a thunderstorm. Still,

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Rust: Chapter Sixteen

Hearing the noise, Burke dressed hurriedly and scrambled to his balcony. Shading his eyes from the nearby streetlights, he watched as a brilliant, angry orange

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Rust: Chapter Fifteen

“What the hell are we even doing— ” “Sh-!! Just watch, okay? And keep quiet, you wanna get caught?” “Fuck this. I’m going home.” “He

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Rust: Chapter Fourteen

“Is this right… ?” The girl, about thirteen, put her filing aside and watched as Mariah turned the barrel. “Go slower,” she said. “Go real

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