“Dad, it’s me.”

“Hi, pumpkin! How have you–“

“Daddy, I found him.”

“I did ask you not to go after him yourself. This is dangerous.”

“So was doing nothing. They’ve already made their move.”

“Already? I was sure we had a little more time.”

“No. We’re out of options, Dad.”

There was a sigh.

“Yes. Okay, I understand. You’re a capable human being. Just keep him moving, hon, and for God’s sake take care of yourself.”

“I’m a pawn, Daddy; the objective is–“

“No, you are not a pawn!”

A few seconds passed.

“Dad, try to stay upbeat. We had the right location and we got to him first. It’s a start.”

“I’m sorry, honey. Just… there’s so many factors we can’t control for now…”

“Ha! You’re gonna laugh, but he talks just like you. You’d like him.”

“Careful, kiddo. Don’t get attached.”

“As if. He’s an economist, for fuck’s sake.”

“Hey! You are never old enough to talk that way to your father.”

“Oh, dear. Then it’s probably a bad time to tell you I lost my virginity, huh?”

They laughed. He sighed, but she could hear the grin on his face.

“What have I unleashed upon this world…”

“Hey, I am not into leashes. Who’s spreading lies about me?”

More laughter.

“I need to go. I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, Lorelei. Please be careful.”

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