Caution: Brain at work

I’m discovering something very new about my thought processes.

These stories are being entirely rewritten, one of them with nothing but twenty-year-old memories for source material. It’s not an easy task, and writer’s block has been my archnemesis since the first time I ever struck a typewriter key.

I had been planning to write P6 to completion, then move on to Antark, then Rust. But I loved writing the original screenplays so much that I couldn’t just leave them sit. And, damned if these ten- and twenty-year-old stories haven’t become all the more poignant today!

So I started work on Chapter One of each, and it was like diversifying my brain’s portfolio. When I ran dry on one storyline, there were still two others tapping me on the shoulder. I may have found the cure for my writer’s block, or at least the treatment. I guess we’ll see as the stories unfold. Thank you for coming along with me; I’m as excited as (I hope) you are to see what happens next.



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