On mature Web content


Obviously, there’s mature and adult material all over the Web. And after over twenty years, parents are still blaming content creators when their children access such content.

To those parents I’d like to offer an analogy. Suppose for a moment that your computer is a car, the internet a road, and a website the destination.

If your kid steals your car and license and drives to a strip club… who’s to blame? Do you try to prosecute or sue the strip club, who did nothing more than to legally exist? Likewise with things such as computer viruses. Now the kid has basically wrecked the car. Do you blame the people who paved the road?

No! You blame the kid, and rightly so. Or… perhaps, partially so. Frankly, you failed to do your job as parents. You’re supposed to know where your child hangs out and what s/he does in any environment. If you’re not blaming yourselves also, then you’re simply bad parents who let the Web raise your child for you, just as your parents did with the TV.

We are not your babysitters. Although many of us would like to help you inspire and uplift and educate your children, from start to finish it’s still your job. So do your job and talk to your kids about acceptable use of the internet.

Thanks for listening.

(stows away the soapbox)


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