Well, ok; I sort of know…

Basically, the idea is to produce serial novels based upon the many screenplays I’ve written over time. Over twenty-five years or so I’ve written perhaps seven or eight — selling exactly none, although the agents, scouts, editors, and readers who encountered my work along the way seemed to like them.

I tried my hand at online serial novels before, with a story called Rust back in 1997 (I think). It won a “Cool Site of the Day” award from InfiNet, back when both of those were actual things, and garnered some notice. But the timing was ridiculous. I was working full-time, studying full-time, and trying to start a business. Pile a creative project on top of that, and I suppose it shouldn’t have surprised me so much when I hit… not so much a writer’s ‘block’ as a writer’s ‘gigantic slab of concrete’. Rust still feels intuitively relevant, perhaps even more so now, and I may give it a reboot.

For now, we’ll stick with two works that started out as screenplays. The first is Protocol Six, which I suspect was a victim of bad timing. The story is basically a conspiracy thriller, that I just happened to finish just as the theaters were awash in more of the same. Notwithstanding, I was happy with the finished product — a big thing given my propensity for second-guessing myself. And so with crossed fingers, I invite you to enjoy.


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