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Protocol Six: Chapter Twenty-Seven

“…Dad? It’s me…” “Jesus… honey, I feared the worst. I’d almost resorted to praying.” “Ah– ! God… Daddy, don’t make me laugh; it hurts…” “How bad, Pumpkin? You gonna be okay?” “Got one in a lung. One in a thigh. Christ, it hurts, Dad…” “Lorelei. Where are you? Let me

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Antark: Chapter Twenty-Two

“Anthony, has anyone tried hailing that thing yet?” “That was the first thing we tried,” Captain Nweke said. “No response yet; we may not have their channel.” “Standard ship-to-shore; shouldn’t be any question.” “Captain van Rhijn has them re-trying every ten minutes,” Anthony said. “Since they’re not displaying any hostile

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Rust: Chapter Twenty-Three

“You were in the Army, weren’t you?”, the old lady smiled, pouring a cup of tea. Pike accepted it gratefully and inhaled. He had never tried tea and hadn’t a clue where she had got the stuff. But it smelled divine. “Yes,” he eventually said. “That seems so long ago.

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