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Protocol Six: Chapter Twenty-Six

What looked like a pile of scrap on wheels, but apparently far from dead, ground on its abused rims to a gentle stop at the terminal, Dulles International. A nearby skycap looked on in horror as its driver nipped smartly around to the rear passenger side, and opened its door

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Antark: Chapter Twenty-Two

“Anthony, has anyone tried hailing that thing yet?” “That was the first thing we tried,” Captain Nweke said. “No response yet; we may not have their channel.” “Standard ship-to-shore; shouldn’t be any question.” “Captain van Rhijn has them re-trying every ten minutes,” Anthony said. “Since they’re not displaying any hostile

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Rust: Chapter Twenty-Two

“Stover, tell me,” he said. “You do your job, right? I don’t mean to accuse; just asking. It’s a legit strategy.”

“Yeah? So?” the cop said, squinting.

“So. You ever run into a situation where someone didn’t want your job to get done? Maybe someone important?”

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